Senior UI/UX Designer

Design responds to needs—needs that exist, or will exist. I tackle all dimensions of product and service design lifecycle from concept, strategic planning, execution to deliverables, and developing capabilities to sustain innovation. Currently, I work at Verdigris Tech based in San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

Commissioning Tool

We have saved days even weeks of activation time to 30 minutes by using this tool.

No. 1

Adaptive Automation

Great user experiences happen beyond the screen and in the gaps. Gaps between channels, devices and business silos.

No. 2

Analytics Dashboard

The UI provides analytics modules on building's demand management, energy usage, asset portfolio, and etc.

No. 3

Roadmap Webpage

Roadmap is a communication tool to align different teams on one vision.

No. 4

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide is a solution to save tons of installation time.

No. 5

Tracker App

Verdigris Energy Tracker app notifies the right building worker of energy consumption and equipment problems while they are still manageable.

No. 6

Style Guide

Style Guide is a brand development project, from shaping company’s personalities to uniting the marketing and user experience across devices and ecosystem.

No. 7

Energy Data Viz

The Energy Dashboard is designed for lobby display as a data display experiment to meet various requirements.

No. 8

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