Design responds to needs—needs that exist, or will exist. I tackle all dimensions of the product and service design lifecycle, from concept and strategic planning, to prototypes and developing capabilities to sustain innovation. Currently, I am the Principal Deisnger who works at Verdigris Tech based in San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

Commissioning Tool

We have saved days even weeks of activation time to 30 minutes by using this tool.

No. 1

Adaptive Automation

Great user experiences happen beyond the screen and in the gaps. Gaps between channels, devices and business silos.

No. 2

Analytics Dashboard

The UI provides analytics modules on building's demand management, energy usage, asset portfolio, and etc.

No. 3

Virtual Assistant

A helpful and friendly chatbot that improves the efficiency of internal communication.

No. 4

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide is a solution to save tons of installation time.

No. 5

Tracker App

Verdigris Energy Tracker app notifies the right building worker of energy consumption and equipment problems while they are still manageable.

No. 6

Style Guide

Style Guide is a brand development project, from shaping company’s personalities to uniting the marketing and user experience across devices and ecosystem.

No. 7

Energy Data Viz

The Energy Dashboard is designed for lobby display as a data display experiment to meet various requirements.

No. 8

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