Product Designer

Design responds to needs—needs that exist, or will exist. I design for the other side of screens to solve problems by visual communication and optimizing digital products with strategic design thinking. Currently, I work at Verdigris Tech based in San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide is a UX-centric web app. The goal is to educate installers quickly when the manual is dozens of pages and printed text.

No. 1

Tracker App

Verdigris Energy Tracker app notifies the right building worker of energy consumption and equipment problems while they are still manageable.

No. 2

Style Guide

Style Guide is a brand development project, from shaping company’s personalities to uniting the marketing and user experience across devices and ecosystem.

No. 3

Customer Journey

By storytelling to understand what’s going on in customer’s world and how would our products make their lives better. And that’s where customer journey comes in.

No. 4

Energy Data Viz

The Energy Dashboard is deigned for lobby display. As a data display experiment to meet various requirements.

No. 5

Email Design

Email design is for building a better and delightful customer experience.

No. 6

ADM Energy Report

ADM report is an infographic design to show the demand reduction that corresponds to real savings in the energy bill.

No. 7

Data Journal

Data Journal is a data visualization experiment. It shows a person's daily commuting stats.

No. 8

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