Daniela Li

Senior UI/UX Designer

Analytics Dashboard

Data Analytics Platform

The Verdigris data platform is a web application. The main user interface provides analytic modules on building's demand management, energy usage, power quality, measurement and verification, and an asset portfolio view.

  • Web Design +
  • D3.js +

The Problem

The platform is designed to show the most important energy trends to the user. Our goal is to help the user get a holistic view of operations with power factor, voltage, total harmonic distortion and more. I was responsible for building Information Architecture to satisfy our needs and create the visual design to delight the visual experience.

Journey Map

Journey map is a common tool of UX design. The journey map workshop helped each stakholders to get a better understanding from the user's perspective. The journey map also helped us to find better design opportunities from pain points and key points.

Journey Map


Wireframes were created to help with the flow of ideas and help with the user experience.

Analytics Wireframes

Final Design

I was responsible for the Information Architecture, Wireframes, Visual Design, and Mockup.

Analytics Final Design

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